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Dear all,
I would need for my Arctic project (which concerns the investigation of the recently drilled central Arctic core during IODP Expedition 302) to obtain some surface samples from the Barents Sea (possibly southern Barents Sea) where SST in summer can become pretty high. The idea is to derive some SST measurements based on the TEX86 proxy developed by Schouten and coworkers at the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ).
Does anyone have some samples and/or can give some info for finding them?
I was looking at the dinocysts work of Voronina et al. (2001) for instance and the samples analysed in the ice free area would be highly appreciated.
Further I would also add to my request of surface samples, samples from the Baltic Sea.
Wishing you a good summer,
Cheers, Francesca Sangiorgi

Hi, I am searching for pictures (jpgs, tiffs) of modern representatives of fossil green algae (Prasinophyte) taxa. Specifically, I need pictures of relatively recent Pachysphaera/Tasmanites, Pterospermella, and maybe the acritarch Micrhystridium.
Please give information for citation and/or permission to say 'photo is from....'.
Thank you again for your help.
Sarah de la Rue
e-mail sdelar1@lsu.edu
Louisiana State University

Hi Niels,
Thanks for this good start.  This site will clearly become an important resource in the future. Feel free to add my name to the list of people, plus my email address and home page.  But perhaps best to somehow break up the email address into different fields e.g. mjhead / @ / brocku.ca in order to confuse the spam software.  I get about 50 unsolicited spam messages per day!
Thanks and hope your summer is going well,

Hi Martin
Its a good idea to camouflage the e-mail addresses. Also, I will add a column so each of you can add a few keyword for your research topics.

Hi Niels,
thanks a lot for keeping the site updated. I am probably not original, but can we somehow organize a list of members, make a "people" page with particular interests and links to their home webpage? Should the members pay a small amount of money as membership or would this be too complicated?
Each member can for instance share publications (pdf) which can be of interest for all the dino workers, don't know. Maybe if we collect some money you can pay a student to help keeping the site updated?
Cheers, thanks again, Francesca
Dr. Francesca Sangiorgi
Faculty of Science, Utrecht University

Hi Francesca
Good idea with a people page, I was going to prepare it. And especially with a list of recent publications. I don't know yet, if it will be needed to pay a small amount of money, so far I think we will manage without.
:-)) Niels

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