Quaternary Dinoflagellate Cyst Association


DINOQUA, the Quaternary Dinoflagellate Cyst Association, is a diverse association of palynologists from differnent employment arenas, which represents a broad range of geological and biological interests in Quaternary dinoflagellates and their cysts, and is represented at various professional meetings. The purpose of the society is to promote all aspects of Quaternary dinoflagellate cyst palynology through application, research and education dealing with morphology, biostratigraphy, ecology/paleoecology, climate and geologic history.

The original concept of the DINOQUA was proposed in Liverpool at the 2005 workshop. No further action was taken on this proposal until the 2006 international workshop on dinoflagellates and their cysts: their ecology and databases for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. The workshop took place 10 - 12 November 2006 at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Association is run by a small executive. DINOQUA members include palynologists from Universities, Industry and Government Agencies. DINOQUA membership is drawn from the worldwide palynological community.

The Association focusses on the science of Quaternary dinoflagellates and their cysts. Today DINOQUA consist of about 30 world-wide members. DINOQUA will be run by an executive comprising an elected Board. DINOQUA welcomes new individuals as members who are interested in the science of Quaternary dinoflagellates and their cysts.

DINOQUA organises meetings or workshops featuring technical sessions where talks and posters are presented and addressed all aspects of Quaternary dinoflagellates and their cysts related to taxonomy, phylogeny, morphology, distribution, ecology, proxies in paleoceanography, biogeography, palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, and serves as a forum for exchange of new research results, ideas, microscopy observation of type material and other problematic species and specimens as well as questions concerning databases.

Registration fees are reduced for DINOQUA Members. The meetings or workshops includes association business luncheon, optional field trips and social events.

DINOQUA communicates primarily through e-mails and this WWW page. The DINOQUA WWW page is intended as an resource for DINOQUA members and anyone else interested in Quaternary dinoflagellates and their cysts.

Benefits of membership include receipt of the news by e-mail, and reduced registration rates at the meetings or workshops.

We welcome new members. Join DINOQUA by sending a mail to Niels Poulsen: e-mail: nep@geus.dk

The DINOQUA website is founded by GEUS. It is developed and maintained by Niels Poulsen (GEUS). Address all Comments to Niels Poulsen: e-mail: nep@geus.dk

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